Antilounge is an initiative founded by Martijn Verlinden in 2003. It’s main purpose is to offer a record label & platform for new talented electronic artists from the Hague (and the areas surrounding it).

In our view, there are so many talented people in the Hague producing their own music, but since the underground music market is not that big and interesting commercial wise, they rarely get a record deal. That’s why Antilounge offers a recordlabel and platform featuring these new talents, giving them the audience and attention they deserve.

The releases are accompanied by release concerts where the artists have the chance to showcase themselves live. After that, they often get booked for venues all over the country and abroad.

The Hague has been known to offer progressive electronic music for decades. Genres such as electro, dubstep, jungle, industrial, tekno, grime, breakcore, worldcore, IDM, noise drones and terrorsalsa: they’re all represented on the Antilounge albums.


Martijn Verlinden aka Gallus




Antilounge 13 - REMIXES

After more than a decade of Antilounge releases it is time for a remix album. With the intention of being more than just a remix album, this project serves as a kind of working platform, allowing the huge variety of talented Hague artists to work together in a new and unique way. More then 32 artists from The Hague are represented on this album,  all from different musical backgrounds and genres, each adding their own flavor to each new remix. 



ALKALOID - Live by Accident

Alkaloid is experimental electronic musical project that allready has know many forms. It started out as a solo project initiated by Rob Kanters, seeking for non excisting bounderies between different musical genres. The collaboration with Tom Besuyen on vocals and David Van Gils on guitar/effects makes way for an intense and deep clubby atmosphere with lots of space for live soundscape improvisations with a foundation of vibrant subs and groovy beats.

At first Alkaloid mainly made it’s name in the international breakcore underground by touring together with the home-based Unfinished Monkey crew but Rob finds even breakcore too constricting and tries to shift those boundaries as well. The demo/EP in 2012 varies from peacefully flowing Dub, IDM and Garage permeated by psychedelic, filmic passages, that, through many spherical and stylistic shifts, often builds to an explosive and expressive postrock climax. Live the wall of sound was enforced by Thomas Van Den Reydt (Monomyth) or Barend Spaan.



Generate - Engines EP


AL 12 – Alkaloid – Live by Accident EP

where fools rush to
in a minute
why so serious
open mind
if it pleases you

AL 11 – Generate – Engines EP

Deviance (Loyu cover)
Deviance (Roel Funcken rmx)
Relativity (Marsman rmx)
Imagination (Missingsense rmx)

AL 10

Loyu – Crystal Clear
Geazah – Bag of joy
Agga Terror Squad – Party movement
Alkaloid – snugspots
Macxi – Paper
Bimbo Electrico – Diamond witch
Baz Reznik – Anxiety
Mataklap – Upwardly mobile
Rivers Area Juke Squad – Baby Bettah
Deadcrxw – Flail
Autodrop – The curtain Falls
Charly & Gallus – Rum boogie

AL 9

Moichido – Bataya
Cancerdogs – de Baas
Torus – Dusty Chords
Turtle Birth – Coral
Charly & Gallus – Cosmic Slither
Generate – Rhyzome
Rivers Area Juke Squad – Bario de Rios
Neith – Impressions
Bimbo Electrico – Handgun
tomlaan – Tinkle
Filosofische Stilte – Banzai Trees
Advent Resilience – Septic
Anti Stress Gene – Candyballism
Juxtapoison – Quetzal

AL 8

Captain J. – I love you & I love you too
Polymass – Tjok
De Kraaien – Klopper Jan Klop
Anabiose – No circles not today
Emission – The Drums
Geazah – Machette
Bimbo Electrico – Gin
Charly & Gallus – Jack
Copacod – Mindspray
Planetwalker – Darko
Clipslice, Daijobu & the Specialist – glaswerk
i0 – wending (2-3)
Mutellat – Neither
Gazon – 20.000.000 meatballs away

AL 7

Generate – de boodschap
Geazah – Timetravel
Puinhoofd – De man met de mening
Dr Mabuse – Monolithic
Alkaloid – Mass Rulers
Fleaco – Who is Mr. D?
DB-eat – Memory
Crystal Archive – Apkeuring
Charly & Gallus – Nanomat
Nour – Mic Fok
WG@EET – Blooming
Bimbo Electrico – Moviebitch
Maquina – Prosperidade
Forlon – House of water

AL 6

Rtek – Horofloat
Emission – Blaze
Charly & Gallus ft. NoizBoiz – Situatie
Malorix – You must learn Chinese
Firefly Makani – Cracked Captive
MB:Glitchcore – Pinball Wizard
Yukari Sawaki – Warmth
Tiger counter of drog orkestar – It’s electrical!
Capslock – Living Nightmare
Riven – Blur
Mutellat – Sakura
Mouches Volantes – Sick of Sushi
Intarmat – Fxid
Elektrovolt – from Orion

AL 5

Paulo Sossa – Passage to India (remix)
SCLE – New advanced materials
Geazah – Protor
Maartez – Stribbel
Sconez – Twisted
Pzeudonym – Adnil
Legion & Satellite Smash – Sickness
Hellfury Cockpenis – Fatima
Jacques de la Disque – Minimol
Charly & Gallus – SDM
Rocketclowns – Sarmisegetuza
Thesis – Escolas
The Defpenalty – Ghost F.C.K.
Stentec – Behind the Atlantic wall

AL 4

Chap-A-Tow – My friend lucy Mobus
Tech-Matix – Dirty Agga
Sobchek – Betwumble
Moichido – Frequencies voor Nantoiu
Charly & Gallus – Lostdunes
ThorLtd – Hoge Hoed
Fandango on core – 673245
2562 – Moodswing
Star-Kid – Star Seed
Deepflow & Junglefever – Biala Nights
Johnny Locash – Sexual Conditioner
Geazah – Tekila
Nektar – Busy
The Outside – Relasha Magneto
Thye – Cosmic Death Ray

AL 3

WG@EET – Join the dots
Source – Phiuta
Yobkiss – 27
Mass Illusion – Stealth Arrival
D44N – Airmax
iPennies – 2 by 4/4 by 8
Les Professeurs – Get it Town
Tactix ft. Krist – Deathsilence
Yemooda – Grover
Copacod – 999
Charly White – When i still had the money
Hein?! – Space the final frontier
Gallus – Garlic
Datacore – Al Muziqaida
Boycum – Shy Boy

AL 2

Pzeudonym – Unforseen Consequences
Tech-Matix – Conchita
Nynack – Lifeshit Vonslak
Dunk-a-felic ft. Rabb Eye – Last Daze
W.I.T.T. – AL X
Source – Tell you a secret
Blo.Torch – The remix that blinds
Ehook & Dragon – Jazz pluginn
Q’rio – Ashtray (Source & Kip remix)
D44N – Flix
Kanina – From nothing (Bong-ra remix)
Ath’mos – Etves Nal
2Times – Another Day
Niolism – Mad man

AL 1

Neglekt – Gachis d’Elektronique
Dampox – Introducing
Au – Marco Pakker
Source – Stealth
Elektrovolt – Compressor
Nervaas – New Town
Rene Noir – Delete Me
Nichiban – Laterss
Tech-Matix – The System
R.e.generate – Mighty Sense
Mono-Amine – it’s all fading
Olive & Bodhi – Miss you always
SCLE – Weapons of mass destuction
Rigodon & Remco Prins – Het machtig diep

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